Club Rules

Club Membership Rules for Players, Parents, Guardians and Spectators

When registered to play for Penlake Juniors FC, it is required that each member and Parent will abide by the following rules. Failure to do so can result in either a fine, suspension, de-registration and/or expulsion from the club.

Each player (or parent of the registered player) is required to pay a monthly subscription of £16 per month via the clubs Matchday App payment system {unless a different method is agreed by the club’s treasurer} Only whilst a member of the Club.

Please inform your manager if sickness or injury will render the player unfit for more than 4 weeks.  It is your responsibility to ensure that payments are being made from your bank or through the clubs payment system {Matchday App} if payments are not made for 2 months the club may decide to suspend the player unless a satisfactory reason is given or until payments are brought up to date.

Each player or parent must notify their manager if they cannot play on match days or attend training. Please give as much notice as possible to your manager. If the player is involved in School activities, matches can be rearranged however proof must be in writing from the school 1 weeks before a fixture date.

Misbehaviour by any player or parent will not be tolerated, either on or off the field you represent the Club at all times.

Spectators, players and parents can be fined by the FA if reported.

The Club expects that all players and parents show respect to the match referee, officials, opposition spectators and players at all times.

Loyalty and support are expected from every player and parent to the Penlake Juniors Club, managers, coaches and Staff. Team selection and positions are the sole responsibility of your team manager whose decision is final. If you want to have input as a Parent, then volunteer to help.

If requested to help your manager. You can assist in setting out goal nets, pitch ropes etc. Please help the club by tidying up after training sessions and matches and car parking duties.

Any player sent off or cautioned could be summoned with their parents / guardian to appear before the club committee, this again could lead to expulsion from the club all fines and sanctions are the sole responsibility of the Player/Parent and or the team collectively.

The club expects sportsmanship, effort and enthusiasm from every player during training sessions and matches.

Whilst registered with Penlake Juniors FC, no player can play or register with any other club without the club’s permission.

Kit and equipment with the Club logo is owned outright by the club and is only for use on training and match days. All equipment and kit must be returned immediately following leaving the Club. Players/parents are expected to look after their kit and equipment and no substitute equipment or kit will be allowed when representing the club on match days.

Spectators and Parents attend training facilities and matches at their own risk and will not take legal action against the Club at any time.

Safeguarding our members is priority to Penlake Juniors FC if you see or hear of any incidents you should report this to either your manager or the Club Welfare officer immediately, Mr Paul Hughes, Email: Contact No: 07709 320586

Privacy Statement

The information you have provided is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”). By signing the Penlake Juniors Registration Form you consent to us or any company associated with us for processing, both manually and by electronic means, your personal data for registration and membership administration/communication only. See Penlake Juniors FC Data Protection policy for more details.