Penlake Football Club Est. 1971

A Dream 50 Years in the Making

If there was such a thing as a star factory that honour would go to Junior Football club Penlake.

For the team that started in1971 with just a handful of players has become almost a production line for professional clubs.

Players like Bradford City’s Mark Leonard, Norwich City’s Ian Butterworth, Bolton’s Mark Winstanley have all worn the Penlake colours, also Wayne Foster, who for Scottish club Hearts scored in there EUFA cup campaign was also on the St Helens side’s books.

But its not only stars of the round ball game who turned out for Penlake, professional Rugby players Paul Round, Phil Johnson, Austin Donegan and Phil Price all tried their hand at football in their younger days.

The club with a place in the Guinness Book of Records is one of the most successful in Junior Football clubs in the country

Up the Lake!!